Doreanse Underwear Mosaic Trunk - Mens Boxer Brief Style Underwear



There is a huge choice of men's underwear styles available, one of the most popular styles are tighter fitting boxer short styles. Sometimes called boxer briefs or trunks or just plains boxers, there is a huge range of different fits from high-cut mini trunks to the the traditional long leg boxer brief. If you want a full coverage trunk cut then you are going to love the Doreanse Mosaic Trunk.

The cut of the Doreanse Mosaic Trunk is your typical trunk style cut that is shorter on the leg that the traditional boxer brief. The legs finish higher than a mid-cut trunk at the top of your thighs, you could almost call it a mini trunk. It is low-rise on the waist with a mosaic style wide elasticated waistband. The pouch is contoured for comfort and support. 

This trunk is a great versatile basic style but the material made from 45% Modal / 45% Cotton / 10% Lycra feels really luxurious and soft. 

If you are looking for the style of men's underwear that will give you great coverage, full support and comfortable fit for all day wear then these trunk style boxers are for you. Regardless of what you are doing whether it be heading to the office or hitting the gym then these boxers will give you comfort and style all day long.

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