Doreanse Underwear Hang-loose Bikini Brief in Navy - Mens Underwear


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Men's briefs are a popular men's underwear style, but sometimes the fuller cut of a brief is still a bit too much material. If you want a lower profile and sexier version of a brief then you need to be looking for a men's bikini. The Doreanse Underwear Hang-loose Bikini Brief in Navy gives you the fit of a brief but with the lower profile of a mens bikini.

The Doreanse Hang-loose Bikini Brief in Navy is a fairly typical bikini cut that is low profile with a low-rise narrow waistband and a supportive contour pouch. But it's a bit fuller than some bikini cuts as its somewhere between a bikini and a brief. Because of this it gives full coverage front and rear with a cut on the sides that is  just a bit higher than a classic brief.

They are made from a soft and comfortable material that is 45% Modal / 45% Cotton / 10% Lycra in navy.

If you want comfortable but skimpy mens underwear with a fuller cut in a amazing material then this mens bikini is for you.

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