Doreanse Red Aire Thong - Classic Mens G-string Thong


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Male thongs are incredibly popular and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The Doreanse Red Aire Thong has a barely there look that just covers the essentials.

The Doreanse Red Aire Thong is very much like a classic g-string thong, but this men's thong is slightly different as the g-string style has a small triangle of material at the top of the narrow waistband where it meets the top of the rear strap. So the top bit nestles in at the top of your bum cheeks, while the rest of the narrow g-string sits very much in between your bum cheeks. The narrow waistband has a low-rise on the waist, and at the front has a seamed cup style pouch that leaves your legs and bum cheeks completely bare.

It’s made from a durable and stretchy combination of 75% Polyamide / 25% Spandex that is quick drying and fairly resilient in a deep red that contrasts with the black waistband

This is a classic men thong with fairly minimal material. Its narrow waistband with a fairly close fitting pouch and a narrow g-string gives it a sexy understated look. Obviously great for tight clothing or if you are feeling hot!

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