Designer Thongs For Men

Affordable designer thongs for men

Amongst all of the options that men have when it comes to choosing underwear, nothing is quite as popular as a thong. Offering comfort and freedom, thongs are renowned for their ability to offer enhancement and definition. Giving the wearer confidence and breathability, it’s easy to see why men across the country choose to wear thongs.

Here at Manhood Undies, we make it our mission to stock a wide range of thongs to suit various styles and requirements. Whilst it’s possible to find thongs available in high street shops, we find that they don’t offer imagination or style. We are proud to say that our thongs are stylish, bold and vibrant, allowing men to feel great in what they’re wearing. 

Our range of thongs

If you’re looking to enhance your bottom, the bum flattering thong by Rounderbum is ideal for you. Offering a wider cut, this thong shapes the bottom and also offers a supportive pouch to flatter your package.

For those who want to step things up a notch, why not consider the X-rated maximizer thong? Made with advanced enhancing technology, this thong features sexy see through mesh, perfect for those who dare to try something new and exciting!