Clever Underwear Unpredictable Jockstrap - Bikini Brief Jock Hybrid Mens Underwear


The original jockstraps were originally designed to provide protection and support while playing sports. But they have now become a popular style of men's underwear with a variety of different types of jockstrap. This jockstrap is not your traditional jockstrap as the Clever Underwear Unpredictable Jockstrap features a bikini brief style front and a cut out rear to form the leg straps.
The Clever Unpredictable Jockstrap is not your usual jockstrap cut, the front is like a brief and in a particular a bikini cut brief. The front has a low-rise narrow waistband and the rear has a wide strip of material across your bum, but because of the leg straps most of your bum is bare like a traditional jockstrap. The wide front cuts higher up on the top of the legs which then attaches to the legs straps and rear section. It's like a bikini brief rear but with all the middle section has been removed. It has a contoured supportive pouch with a central seam that gives good support and definition.

They are made from a 88% Polyester / 12% Elastane mix material that feels smooth and light. They feature an abstract blue paint splatter like print on a light background.
The brief / jockstrap hybrid style means can wear it all day long knowing this jockstrap is going to deliver comfort and support. It's ideal for wearing under tight fitting jeans or trousers. This jock has a sophisticated design with an added dash of sexiness with the bikini style cut..
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