Clever Underwear Calm Piping Briefs - Sexy Retro Style Briefs With See Thru Sheer Mesh Panels


Mens briefs are one of the longest running styles of men's underwear and continue to be very popular choice of men's underwear. As with most types of mens underwear there is now a wide choice of different styles of mens briefs. If you want a fuller fit brief that gives good overall coverage with a sexy edge then you are going to like the fit on the Clever Underwear Calm Piping Brief.

The Clever Calm Piping Brief is a very full cut brief similar to the more traditional retro style of brief almost like a mini trunk. Its low-rise on the waist with a wide elasticated waistband and sits lower on the leg than a brief normally would. The pouch profile is wide with a slight contour and has a centre to give your manhood good support.

They are made from a microfibre mix of 78% Nylon / 22% Elastane that has good stretch. The material is a mixture of sheer mesh see-through panels with solid opaque panels. They are available in classic block colours of either Black or White.

The wider fuller fit of these briefs is going to give you very good overall coverage and means that you can wear them for wide range of activities. The mixture of sheer see-through mesh with solid opaque panels give them an added sexy edge. 

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