Clever Underwear Cale Athletic Pants - Soft Long Workout Pants with Pockets



When the weather turns colder and you need a bit more coverage then it's time to pull the long athletic underwear. There is a variety of long athletic underwear available with varying lengths like the full length long john style through to calf length. They provide many functions from keeping your warm through to protect your skin against sports activities.

The Clever Underwear Cale Athletic Pants are a full length long john style athletic underwear. Just as with any other Clever Underwear they feature great design to give you the support you need. They are mid to low-rise on the waist with a wide elasticated waistband The pouch is a relaxed fit with well a central seam to give some support. The rear features a central seam to give a good fit. Each leg has a pocket on the side.

They are made from a super soft and relaxed material that is constructed using 62% Polyester / 33% Cotton / 22% Elastane that has good stretch and have been designed for comfort whilst undertaking athletic activity. Think more like yoga pant that compression underwear in terms of style and material. They are available in either blue or green with a contrast waistband.

This long athletic underwear is ideal for a range of athletic activities and sports or even just lounging around. Wear them as underwear with no other underwear required and then layer over them with shorts. Or wear underwear under them and use them as an additional layer.

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