Clever Sabiniano Boxer - Athletic Sports Mesh Mens Underwear



Men’s mesh underwear styles come in all different types with different types of mesh and not all of them are see through. The Clever Underwear Sabiniano Boxer is a mid-cut so somewhere in between the higher cut of the Latin Boxer and shorter than the traditional longer length boxer brief it comes in a tight sports mesh that hides your modesty but keeps you cool.

The Clever Sabiniano Boxer is a mid-cut trunk style that sits higher on the leg than a traditional boxer brief. They are low-rise on the waist with a narrow elasticated waistband. They feature the a cup style contour pouch that gives great support and definition for your manhood.

They feature a sew on the rear seat and on the legs that helps to give them a comfortable fit and full coverage that should move with you.

They are made from a 76% Nylon / 24% Elastane mix sports mesh, so its has a tighter knit with wider holes to help keep you cool whilst undertaking athletic pursuits or anything else, but it's in to way see through. It has contrast stitching that adds detail as well as ensuring a good fit that performs with you no matter what sport you are doing.

Clever Underwear is known for its masculine underwear and the sleek design of these boxer briefs will help you keep cool as well as perform at your best. If you love the support and coverage that a boxer gives, but want less material on the leg than the athletic boxer briefs then the Sabiniano Boxer from Clever Underwear is a great choice.

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