Clever Joviano Briefs - Athletic Sports Mesh Briefs



Mens briefs are one of the longest running styles of men's underwear and continue to be very popular choice of men's underwear. As with most types of mens underwear there is now a wide choice of different styles of mens briefs. If you want a combination of a fully covered rear with a lower profile front that leaves the legs uncovered then the unusual but sexy style of the Clever Underwear Joviano Brief is for you.

The Clever Joviano Brief is not your usual style of brief. Its low-rise on the waist with a narrow elasticated waistband. The rear is almost like a square style box cut like a mini trunk, this gives a fully covered rear. The front is more like a bikini style brief that leaves the front of your legs bare. The pouch is separated from the legs by the triangle like construction that really defines the your manhood. The contour of the pouch central seam give you a comfortable and supportive fit.

They are made from a 76% Nylon / 24% Elastane tight knit sports mesh. The contrast piping around the pouch and leg bands sets off against a single block colour.

The wider fuller fit rear of these briefs is going to give you very good overall coverage and means that you can wear them for wide range of activities. The lower profile front and pouch is going to give you maximum support and definition. The style and material is going to ensure you are both sexy and cool.

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