CandyMan Underwear Side Tie Lace Bikini - Sexy See Through Lace Male Lingerie Bikini


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There is a huge range of different men's underwear available, from your everyday essentials through to styles that are a bit sexier and daring. Sexy men's underwear comes in all shapes and sizes from your more sophisticated and sexier styles to men's underwear that is just downright kinky. If you are looking for sexy men's underwear that that has a sexy see-through male lingerie style, then you are going to love the feminine style of the CandyMan Underwear Side Tie Lace Bikini.


The CandyMan Side Tie Lace Bikini has a feminine male lingerie style. The overall style is of a mens bikini that cuts super high on the legs. The front is a little wider than some male bikinis, but the front plunges down super low on the waist and the front but sit higher on the hips. The rear cuts high on the bum cheeks leaving the bottom of your bum cheeks uncovered. The see through lace front and back are tied together with sexy side tie straps that show off some bare skin. The slightly contoured see through lace pouch gentle cradles your manhood.


This super sexy male lingerie bikini are made from a see thru lace material that is 83% polyamide / 17% Elastane that is light and feels amazing against your skin. They are available in Black, Grey, Fuchsia, Red and Royal Blue.


Sexy male lingerie does not get much better than this! The see-through lace material looks great and feels great, but also shows off everything underneath. Once someone sees you in this sexy bikini it's not going to take long for them to undo those sexy side tie straps.


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