CandyMan Underwear Rose G-String - Sexy Mens Thong With Detailed Thong Rear


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Men’s thongs continue to grow in popularity, they may not be as popular as other men's underwear styles such as briefs and boxers, but over 60,000 searches a day show how popular the male thong is. Not only are men’s thongs incredibly sexy, but they are also practical too. The lower profile makes them a good choice under tighter fitting pants. Once you get used to the strap of a men's thong, they are quite comfortable. But let's face it, men’s thongs are just downright sexy, and it does not get much sexier than the skimpy cut and the intricate waistband detailing of the CandyMan Underwear Rose Thong.


The CandyMan Rose Thong is a minimal men’s thong that ensures your bum cheeks are left bare, with a skimpy bikini style design that minimizes the material and maximises the bulge. This men’s thong has a super narrow elastic waistband that is low-rise on the waist, leaving your legs bare. The narrow waistbands run around to the rear that has a tiny area of detailing that sits at the top of the thong strap. It sits at the top of your bum crack with the lower G-string thong strap sitting in between your bum cheeks. The mini pouch on this men’s thong cuts in very tight around your bulge. The pouch is contoured with a centre seam for definition and support and has a trim around the outside


This men's thong is made from a microfibre mix of 94% Nylon / 6% Elastane. It's available in a selection of different block colours: Black, Navy, Nude, Red and White. It is handmade in Columbia using materials from the USA and South America. Ensure you wash this men’s underwear on a delicate wash, do not bleach or tumble dry to ensure your men’s underwear retains its colour and shape.


If you are looking for a sexy men’s thong then look no further than this male G-string thong from CandyMan Underwear. Not only does it have a super skimpy sexy posing pouch style to it that maximizes the amount of flesh on show. It also has a sexy close-fitting pouch that creates an impressive bulge. The minimal style and material make this a great choice for wearing this men’s thong under tight fitting jeans or trousers.


Sizing Information

All men’s underwear sizes can vary between brands, the sizes provided are the average size. Due to being handmade there can sometimes be small discrepancies in individual items. The fit will also vary depending on the style. Because this men's thong is only available in 2 sizes either a S/M or L/XL then there is a wider range for the fit. If you are in between the two sizes, we suggest that you consider the larger size. Pouch fit will depend on your personal size and preference, but pouch fit tends to be on the smaller size to create a defined bulge. Please note we cannot exchange underwear that has been tried on due to hygiene. For more information on sizing check out our size guide or contact us.