CandyMan Underwear Plus Size Mesh Stripes G-String Jockstrap - Mesh Jock Thong Undies


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The CandyMan Plus Size Mens Underwear range takes some of CandyMans most popular underwear styles including men's briefs, boxer briefs, jockstraps, male thongs and trunks, and introduces two new plus sizes ranges. The new sizes are 1-2 XL (XL-XXL) and 2-3XL (XXL-XXXL).

Men's thongs are an incredibly popular style of men's underwear, even though many people would consider them to be uncomfortable. They can be incredibly comfortable and supportive, but they are also a great choice under tight fitting clothing. As the lower profile fit of a male thong is less likely to feel uncomfortable or to show any unsightly underwear bulges. This men’s thong combines the fit of a thong with a jockstrap made from a sexy striped mesh material.

The CandyMan Underwear Plus Size Mesh Stripes G-String Jockstrap is not your usual style of jockstrap. The mesh stripes front sits higher on the legs and plunges down in the centre, its much wider than a normal jock with a bikini style cut. Above the pouch is an athletic style lace up section that is reminiscent of the original athletic jockstraps. The wide legs straps attach to the sides of the front and run around sitting underneath your bum cheeks to attach to a G-string. The G-string rear sits in between your bum cheeks and attaches to the wide waistband rear.

This unusual men’s mesh underwear is made from 85% Nylon / 15% elastane, with the mesh patterned mesh stripes to give a hint of what's underneath. They are available in black.

If you wake up in the morning and you can't decide if you should wear a jock or a male G-string then this is the underwear for you. An unusual style that combines a sexy jockstrap with a G-string thong that made from a striped mesh material that's going to look great on you.

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