CandyMan Underwear Mesh Leash Bra & Thong Set - Sexy Male Lingerie Two Piece


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The choice of men's underwear styles continues to grow and as the idea of gender becomes more fluid there is more crossover between what was considered to be traditional male and female underwear styles. But the idea of men wearing lingerie or even the idea of lingerie designed for specifically for men is not new. Here at Manhood Undies we pride ourselves on providing the full range of underwear for men. If you're looking for a sexy see-through male lingerie style bra top and thong then you are going to love the CandyMan Underwear Mens Mesh Leash Bra Top & Thong Set.
The Candyman Mens Mesh Leash Bra Top & Thong Set includes a cropped tank top style bra and a men's bikini thong style bottom. The bra top is cropped high with a narrow elasticated band than runs around your body. At the front your have a patterned sheer mesh panel that covers all of your upper chest, with a high cut underneath your arms. It has a rounded neck that fastens at the back and has the same patterned sheer mesh material. The rear cuts in a little like a racer style tank top and it cuts a little higher at the back compared to the front. To add a little bit of kinkiness the front has a short chain with a strap so you can be led around by your mistress or master.

The male thong bottoms of this two piece has a bikini style shape at the front with a narrow waistband at the front and rear that are connected by small chains at the sides. The front has two triangular cut out sections above the pouch that show bare flesh. These sections angle diagonally towards the pouch to create a narrow close-fitting pouch that leaves your legs bare. The pouch is made from a sheer patterned mesh. It has a centre seam and is contoured for support and definition. The rear has a small section of waistband with a tiny triangle of material that sits at the top of your bum cheeks with a narrow strap running down in between your bum cheeks.
This male bra and panty thong set is made from a microfiber material that is 88% Polyamide / 12% Elastane with a combination of patterned sheer see-through mesh. It is available in black. It is handmade in Columbia using materials from the USA and South America. Ensure you wash this men’s underwear on a delicate wash, do not bleach or tumble dry to ensure your men’s underwear retains its colour and shape. Make sure you wash it separately from other garments and consider washing by hand due to the metal components and delicate nature.
If you are making your first foray into the world of sexy men's lingerie then you can't go wrong with this male bra and thong set. It combines the look of sexy sheer mesh with the harsher metal detailing to make this sexy and naughty men's lingerie style underwear.
Sizing Information

All men’s underwear sizes can vary between brands, the sizes provided are the average size. Due to being handmade there can sometimes be small discrepancies in individual items. The fit will also vary depending on the style. When you then add in the lingerie style of the bra style top then it becomes even more complex to find the perfect fit. The top is measured to be within in proportion comparatively with the waist size. Because this men's thong is only available in 2 sizes either a S/M or L/XL then there is a wider range for the fit. If you are in between the two sizes, we suggest that you consider the larger size. Pouch fit will depend on your personal size and preference, but pouch fit tends to be on the smaller size to create a defined bulge. Please note we cannot exchange underwear that has been tried on due to hygiene. For more information on sizing check out our size guide or contact us.