CandyMan Underwear Lace Cut-Out Mens Bra & Bikini Set - Sexy Lace Male Lingerie


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The choice of men's underwear styles continues to grow and as the idea of gender becomes more fluid there is more crossover between what was considered to be traditional male and female underwear styles. But the idea of men wearing lingerie or even the idea of lingerie designed for specifically for me is not new. Here at Manhood Undies we pride ourselves on providing the full range of underwear for men. If you're looking for a sexy male lingerie style Bra top and thong then you are going to love the CandyMan Underwear Cut-Out Mens Bra & Bikini Set.
The Candyman Lace Cut-Out Mens Bra & Bikini set includes a strappy cupless style bra top and a bikini style bottoms with a thong like cut out and lace edging. The mens bra top has an elasticated band that runs around the bottom of your chest and round the back. Two narrow join to make a cupless bra shape with a criss-cross over the center, the straps run up the chest and over the shoulder. where they are joined by a metal ring. A single strap runs down the back and splits off into four diagonal straps that join the lower bra strap. The bikini style bottoms have a mid-sized elasticated waistband and a contoured opaque pouch with lace edging on the pouch that cuts up high to the waistband. The waistband runs around the sides with no material below it unit it gets to the rear. At the rear it has the outline of a bikini style rera with two lace straps with a central cut out section between the lace straps. In the centre is a Y shaped thin strap that looks like a thong rear.
This mens bra and bikini set is made from a smooth and durable microfiber material that is 78% Polyester / 22% Elastane that has good stretch. It is available in a sexy black colour
While some male lingerie only really nods towards the more feminine style of lingerie this male lingerie mens bra and bikini set really goes for it. No only does it have a fully shaped male bra even if the cups are missing it also combines the thin straps and lace to give it an erotic look and feel.
Sizing Information

This set is sold as a complete piece, the sizing is based on the waist size with the mens bra top being a comparative size.