CandyMan Underwear Jock Briefs - Mens Underwear



Is it a jockstrap or is it a brief? Well the CandyMan Lace Jock Brief has a section cut out with narrow leg straps straps that make it similar to a jock in that a section of the rear is missing

The CandyMan Gum Jockstrap is super low-rise on the waist with a see-through lace and mesh brief front that has a seamed contour pouch. The rear is like a brief at the top, but the lower section is cut out with with additional straps that that go across your lower bum cheeks and across your waist. 

They are made from a see-through lace and sheer mesh combination of 90% Nylon / 10% Spandex with very thin elasticated straps.

This is not an item for athletic activity apart from maybe in the bedroom! This underwear definitely fits with our definition of sexy mens lingerie.

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