CandyMan Underwear Garter Belt Buckle Briefs - Sexy Male Lingerie Style Brief Underwear



There is a huge range of different men's underwear available, from your everyday essentials through to styles that are a bit more sexy and daring. Sexy men's underwear comes in all shapes and sizes from your more sophisticated and sexy to men's underwear that is just downright kinky. If you are looking for sexy men's underwear that sits at the more outrageous end of the the spectrum then you are going to love the male lingerie style of the CandyMan Underwear Garter Belt Buckle Briefs.

This brief is not your normal brief cut, its starts out pretty normal with a fairly normal brief cut that has a very slight bikini cut on the legs but is absolutely a full coverage brief. The pouch is pretty standard with a slight contour to it with a central seam for support and definition. The rear is fairly standard but does have a slightly ruched centre seam that pulls in for a close fit on your bum. Attached to the sides are narrow straps that run horizontally down your legs and are attached to the garter-belt like narrow straps that goes around your thighs and have small buckles o them to tighten or loosen them.

They are made from a microfibre mix that is 88% Polyester / 12% Elastane and have a smooth feel to them. They are available in a classic Black.

If you are looking for some sexy male lingerie style underwear then this is for you. They feature a full fitting brief for comfort and designed with a garter-belt style legs straps this underwear is going to make you feel sexy if mens lingerie is your thing.

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