CandyMan Underwear Floral Thongs - Male Lingerie Style See-Thru Lace Thong Underwear


There is a wide range of sexy men's underwear available, but sexy underwear is different for each man. If your version of sexy is male lingerie style underwear with lace then you are going to love the CandyMan Underwear Floral Thong with it's floral pattern and sexy lace detail.
The cut of this thong is fairly traditional with a very low-rise narrow waistband and a close fitting contoured cup style pouch that has a center seam to give good support. Either side of the pouch you have see-through lace detailing that gives it a male lingerie style. The same lace detailing is on the top of the rear in a triangular shape with a narrow g-string style shape, but unlike a g-string your bum is not completely bare. But the light see through lace material will make it feel like it is.
This mens thong combines light patterned see-through lace with a solid material pouch that is made from a 94% Nylon / 6% Spandex mix.
If you're looking for a male thong that is minimal material but with good support then this thong is for you. The combination of masculine construction with the softer male lingerie lace elements are going to make you feel great.
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