CandyMan Underwear Floral Jockstrap - Fashion Jock Style Mens Underwear


Jockstraps were originally created as athletic wear to provide protection and support while playing sports. But they have now become a popular style of men's underwear with a variety of different types of jockstrap.  We are seeing more and more everyday fashion jockstraps that combine the support with stylish designs. The CandyMan Underwear Floral Jockstrap has a fashion print and unusual placement of the leg straps.
This jockstrap is a fairly traditional jock cut, it has a low-rise narrow elasticated waistband and supportive leg straps that sit below your bum cheeks leaving your bum completely bare. Unusually the straps attach ner to the front. The waistband and leg straps are the foundations of the support given by the contoured supportive wide cup style pouch. The pouch has a central seam and elasticated edges to give a secure and comfortable fit.
They are made from a 78% Polyester / 22% Elastane microfiber fabric. They are available in a floral plant print.
With great support that leaves your bum bare, this jockstrap ticks all the boxes. You can wear it all day long knowing this jockstrap is going to deliver comfort and support.
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