Candyman See-Through Lace Thong - Mens Lingerie Thong


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Are you looking for men's lingerie, men's lace underwear a male thong or see through underwear? Then believe it or not the CandyMan See-through Lace Thong is all of those and more!

Where do we start when describing the the CandyMan See-through Lace Thong? Well its an amazingly sexy thong with lace on the sides and a see-through lace fabric on the pouch for a sexy look. The cut on this men's thong is actually more like a capri than a traditional thong cut that sits fully in between your bum cheeks. The wider nature of the cut makers it somewhere between a brief and a thong. Low-rise design on the waist but pretty full coverage elsewhere for a thong.

They are made from 88% Nylon / 12% Elastane with lace patterns and smooth sections without lace and a see through lace pouch.

If your looking for super sexy men's see through lace lingerie, then this is the men's thong for you. The wide cut makes it super comfortable for sexy all day wear.

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