CandyMan Pride Thong - Mens Thong



Are you looking for a sexy revealing men's thong? Then its lucky that you have found the CandayMan Pride Thong with its sexy cut out sections.

The CandyMan Pride Thong is a slightly different take on the ever popular men's underwear style of male thongs. It has a low to mid-rise on the waist with a wide rainbow elasticated waistband. The Front is a wide V shaped contour pouch with a V shaped cut out section at the top to reveal some flesh. The rear has thin strap that sits well between your bum cheeks and has a Y shape that is created by the cut out section at the top of the strap again revealing more flesh.

It's made from super stretchy microfiber fabric that feels cool and smooth against your skin, its made from 92% Nylon / 8% Elastane microfiber fabric that is quick dry and resilient.

If you are looking for a bright and colorful men's thong then this will do the trick with its extra styling with the two cut out sections to give it a fun and sexy look.

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