Candyman Lace Waistband Thong - Male Thong


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The wide lace waistband of the Candyman Lace Waistband Thong gives it really good structure and support with a dash of sexiness with the lace a slightly see through pouch.

The Candyman Lace Waistband Thong has a wider than average waistband for a men's thong that gives it a good solid structure as well as plenty of lace material to show off. It sits fairly low and the pouch is low profile with a slight contour and is slightly see through. The rear sits solidly at the top of your bum cheeks with the traditional strap / string that sits between your bum cheeks.

They are made from 94% Nylon / 6% Elastane material that has good stretch as well as the exciting lace patterns.

A good choice as a first thong as the wider than usual waistband helps to keep thongs in place as you adjust to the new but pleasant thong feeling!

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