​Why you should buy your men’s underwear online

​Why you should buy your men’s underwear online

Posted by Mark K on Oct 15, 2018

Online shopping continues to grow bigger and bigger as the high street continues to lose more and more shops. But despite the continued growth of online shopping some shoppers are still reluctant to buy certain items online.

In this post we outline the reasons why buying mens underwear online is the best option.

  1. There are very few if any shops that sell just mens underwear. And even less on the High Street or in shopping centres. This means your options will be limited to buying underwear from own brand big chains, supermarkets or department stores. Some of the department stores do carry a limited range of different designer men’s underwear, but the own brand stuff cannot compete with the design or quality of men’s designer underwear brands.
  2. There is much greater choice online than in stores, space in a physical store is at a premium. Whereas online there is unlimited space to sell a whole range of brands, styles and colours. In particular the number of styles and cuts in a physical store is very limited. Can you ever remember ever seeing anything other than a brief or boxer in most physical stores? Online you can get the full selection of different styles; briefs, boxers, jocks, thongs, strings, tangas and everything in-between.
  3. You can’t try underwear on and return it so you might as well order online. No store will let you try underwear on in the store and you can’t return underwear once you have tried it on so it doesn’t really make any difference. Most stores now allow returns if you haven’t worn them and they are still in the original condition. If you are worried about choosing the right size then a good website will give you an idea of the fit and it always helps to read reviews from people who have already purchased. If you are trying a new brand or style then just buy one pair to see what the fit is like as the fit can vary between brands.
  4. Not that you should ever be embarrassed about buying any mens underwear, but buying your underwear online is very discreet. Most online stores send orders in discreet packaging so the postman or nosy neighbour doesn’t know you have ordered a new see through mesh thong.
  5. Buying online will more than likely give you a much better opportunity to see what the underwear you are considering will look like. Most sites now feature multiple images from different angles, can be zoomed in to look at the details as well as featuring videos. If you are in a store you can only see them in the packaging or on a mannequin. I know that most of us don’t look like the models often featured in the images and videos, but at least you can get an idea of what the fit looks like when they are on.

So those are our top reasons as to why you should buy your mens designer underwear online in the comfort of your own home. You could even do it whilst sat in your underwear, oh hey there’s another reason!