Whats the best underwear to keep cool

Whats the best underwear to keep cool

Posted by Mark K on Oct 13, 2017

So we have another spell of hot weatherand there is nothing worse than getting all hot and bothered because you have made the wrong choice in what clothes you should wear to during the hot weather. Choosing the wrong type of underwear can be a particular problem as having a hot and sweaty manhood can be extremely uncomfortable.

But don’t worry because here at Manhood Undies we have got you covered or uncovered as it may be in the cool underwear department, and when we say cool we primarily mean cool in temperature, but our underwear always looks cool and stylish.

So what are your options if you want to avoid a sweaty crack and sack during the heatwave?

Well the most obvious choice is to go commando, surely no underwear is the coolest option? Well that that would seem to make sense. One less layer of clothes must surely be cooler? Well it maybe, but there are a number of other factors.

First of all your underwear acts as a barrier between your manhood and whatever else you may be wearing. Now if you are wearing something with rough material it may cause chaffing. Now let’s face it nobody likes a chaffed chap. It’s uncomfortable and unsightly. Second of all your underwear is not only a barrier against chaffing it is also a barrier against dirt. Hopefully you put on clean underwear every day. There’s a reason you change your underwear every day and maybe even more. Well if you decided to go commando in your suit trousers surely they need to be cleaned? That’s going to lead to a hefty dry cleaning bill.

So now that we have discounted going commando what are you others options? Well they really fall into two categories you either need to go with either as little material as possible and / or choosing a material that will keep you cool.

So why is choosing an underwear style with as little material as possible going to keep you cool? Well it its like any material, the less there is the cooler it should be right? Its hot outside so you wear a vest or t-shirt or shorts to keep cool. Well the same principle applies with underwear, so let’s look at some options where there is a little material as possible.

Well the two styles that spring to mind are thongs and strings.

So a thong is fairly straight-forward to explain as most people know what a thong is. Basically it will be a pouch that cuts high up around your manhood and usually fairly high cut on the waist with a piece of material that runs down the crack of your bum in a T shape and joins back up with pouch. They usually offer a high degree of support whilst using the minimum of material. So great to give you support and keep you cool as well!

A string is basically what it says, its essentially a a string waistband with a pouch that is usually loose fitting around your crouch so offers loose support with a string that connects the pouch and waistband at the back. So even less material around the back, but not as for fitting as a thong.

You could also go for a jockstrap or jock brief, but for minimal material a thong or string would be better.

Men's thongs are actually incredibly popular, but if its going a bit on the wild side then consider a material that will help keep you cool. Cotton is quite thick compared to many materials so you might want to consider bamboo or modal. Both are very light and great at keeping moisture away from your body. Or you could go down the mesh underwear route. Which will both keep you cool as well as looking sexy, so a double bonus. Mesh underwear is usually very thin, but that will depend on the material used. The thinner the mesh normally the more see through it will be. But because its so thin it tends to be very light, which will help you to keep cool.

So there you go a whole load of different option to keep you feeling cool down below.