Reasons you might not want to go commando when its hot

Reasons you might not want to go commando when its hot

Posted by Mark K on Jul 07, 2017

Once again the weather is getting hotter and every man is thinking about how to dress to keep himself and his manhood cool. As we all know there is nothing more uncomfortable than having a hot and sweaty crotch. Well before you think about ditching the underwear and going commando to help keep cool you might want to pause and think about some of the problems with going commando.

Let’s start with the first one and yes you guessed it, it’s the dreaded zipper. Remember that scene from Something about Mary? At some point in his life every man has had a zipper incident (which is why you are wincing as you read this!) When you don’t wear underwear and wear jeans or trousers you are risking getting caught in stuck in your zipper. Wearing underwear makes that less likely, unless you are wearing underwear with a zipper.

Underwear is designed to be the barrier between you and your outer clothing. The material of trousers or jeans will often be much rougher than the material used to make men’s underwear. That roughness rubbing against your manhood all day could chafe your delicate nether regions. Plus without the support of underwear your manhood could be moving about even more leading to even more friction!

Let’s face it when it’s hot we sweat, and we all know that it’s always sweatier down there. Outer clothing is not designed to absorb sweat. But many types of men’s underwear is, especially some of the sweat wicking materials such as Model or Tactel can help keep the boys dry as well as stop them sticking to your leg. Also it could stop that embarrassing sweaty crack mark showing on the back of your suit trousers.

How often do you change and wash your underwear and how often do you change and wash your other clothes? Hopefully you only wear your undies once and then wash them. Are you going to do that with your suit trousers or jeans? Your underwear helps protect your outer clothes from all the dribbles and fasces that your underwear absorbs every day. It easier to wash and change your underwear everyday than your suit or jeans.

Finally going commando seriously limits your options if you’re feeling too hot. At least with underwear you could still strip down to your undies. If you’re going commando then your only other option is indecent exposure! If you ripped your trousers then you would have to go home and change. So keep your options open by wearing underwear.

There are loads of options that you can go for that avoid the above problems by wearing underwear that keeps you cool. You could consider wearing something made from mesh or other lightweight materials or consider a jock, string or thong.

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