New Year New Undies - Time for a change?

New Year New Undies - Time for a change?

Posted by Mark K on Jan 12, 2018

New Year New Undies – Time for a change?

As the clock struck midnight a new year began and with the feeling of a fresh start, new beginnings and no doubt some resolutions. Drink less or exercise more, give up smoking, eat healthy food and everything in-between. But at any point did you think about your underwear?

As you awoke bleary eyed on New Year’s Day and set about with your philosophy of out with the old and in with the new we are guessing that men’s underwear was not really part of your thinking. Maybe you were thinking get rid of bad habits or clearing out unhealthy food not thinking about designer briefs or sexy boxer shorts.

Well maybe it should have been. Recent research has suggested that you should be replacing your underwear around once a year, so surely no better time than now. If you but good quality designer men’s underwear it is going to last you. Particularly if you look after it and wash it regularly and in the correct way. Over time any underwear is going to start to deteriorate and maybe lose some of its colour and shape. But the problem is not so much wear and tear, but is much more to do with hygiene.

Your underwear is literally right next to your skin in some of the hottest and sweatiest areas of your body. A whole host of bacteria and microscopic faecal matter can gather in those jocks and trunks. In fact scientist estimate that around one tenth of gram of faecal matter is in most people’s underwear.

So hopefully this will encourage you to make sure you change your underwear every day. Unbelievably one in four men only change their underwear every two days! As well as regularly refreshing your underwear collection. Who wouldn’t want a good excuse to buy some brand new designer men’s underwear?

So to help you out throughout January we are going to have a whole host of special offers and discounts to help you give your drawers a bit of a refresh. So if it’s a sexy new thong, some brilliant new briefs or some new workout underwear keep your eyes on Manhood Undies for the latest underwear deals.