Buying Your Man Underwear For Valentine’s Day

Posted by Mark K on Feb 10, 2016

So you’re thinking about what to buy for Valentines Day. You have decided to buy some underwear for the man in your life. This year instead of buying a tacky elegant trunk thong that will just make your man feel inferior or have half his manhood hanging out why not buy something that makes him look good and feel good!

The novelty underwear item is an easy choice, you don’t need to think about how its going to fit, because he is only going to wear as a quicker version of foreplay. You don’t even need to think if its going to look nice. As its going to sit in a drawer for most of the year, it might make an appearance in a cheeky piece of sexing material. Worst of all it could actually take all of the passion out of the evenings planned activities. Just imagine you buy that funny elephant thong and he goes off with a cheeky smile and comes back looking sad with a half filled trunk!

There is some amazing men’s underwear available now in a wide range of styles and materials, some of which is incredibly sexy and erotic. Just imagine that you give your man his sexy surprise and he goes and puts it on and all throughout the ridiculously expensive dinner he has taken your for; you you are thinking about the sexy underwear he is wearing. Even better, make the right choice and he could be sat feeling sexy leading to mind-blowing sexy when you get home.

But what men’s underwear do you go for?

Well we think that you have three main general choices for men’s underwear on Valentine’s Day.

You could go to the more kinky and extreme style of men’s underwear. The kind of underwear that you know is going to lead to some crazy sex in the restaurant toilet or at least to an inappropriate fondle in the taxi. The kind of underwear that turns him on by wearing it and turns you on because you know he is wearing it. But also the kind of underwear that takes a bit of sexual confidence to pull it off. We can’t think of a better example of this than one of the Sukrew styles that feature the U Hole.

Sukrew U Brief

Or you could go for something that feels and looks sexy but is not quite as extreme. Something a bit more restrained but with enough of an edge to get you hot under the collar throughout the evening. In this case we are thinking see through men’s underwear is the way to go. You could go sheer so its all on show or you could go mesh so it just giving a cheeky peek. Consider something like wearMEunder or Jack Adams USA

wearMEunder The Brad See Through Boxer Brief

Maybe you feel like you need to play it safe, don’t want to push him out of the comfort zone, or something that he can wear all the time. Well then we are thinking go for a high quality material such as model or bamboo and a well-constructed pair of boxer briefs a good bet here would be 2eros as they feel great and the design will help show off his assets.

2eros Model Trunks with natural pouch

So hopefully we have helped you navigate the maze that is men’s underwear and provided you with some choices that will give you a very happy Valentine’s Day! You can get 20% off all our underwear until the 14/02/16.