Jack Adams USA Men’s Underwear & Swimwear Brand Profile

Jul 06, 2015

Manhood Undies, one of the UK’s leading online stores selling men’s underwear and swimwear, is excited to be stocking Jack Adams USA.


The practical but stylish design in a range of different materials that make this brand the kind of brand that gives you underwear that you can wear to the office, at home and in the gym.


Jack Adams USA is an American brand that was founded in 2010 .The brand sets out to offer a variety of underwear and active wear products that define the man that wears them by offering a range of styles that are focussed on active pursuits for masculine men.

Their product lines include fashionable but functional briefs, boxers, jockstraps and thongs for the active man who is on the go, works out and wants his underwear to always feel good. Their products focus on functionality, comfort and quality. Jack Adams is constantly releasing new products that will fit into every area of your lifestyle, such as the Power Jock Lifter; a hybrid jock / brief.


At Manhood Undies we try every single product before we stock it to make sure that we only stock the highest quality underwear and swimwear. This is what our testers said:

“Jack Adams are well constructed and feel and fit great and will work with you no matter what you are doing.”
“They use a range of cotton and microfiber blends that will make your manhood feel great.”
“Interesting but functional design features, I particularly liked the horizontal fly found on a number of briefs and jocks.”

Looking for something sexy but practical for your manhood? If so then click here to see to see Manhood Undies range of Jack Adams products.

You can also find out more about Jack Adams by clicking here to visit their website or here to read product reviews by The Underwear Expert.