How to choose the right size men’s underwear

How to choose the right size men’s underwear

Posted by Mark K on Oct 14, 2017

Choosing the right size in any clothing can be tricky, but at least with most clothes you can try them before or even after you buy them. But with men’s underwear there is no opportunity to try before you buy. And we certainly don’t want your underwear being returned after you have tried it on. Let’s face it even the sexiest men’s underwear is no longer sexy if someone else has worn it before!

We all know that buying your men’s underwear online is a convenient way of shopping and gives you a great range to choose from. But it can be hard to tell from a few photos what the fit is like and what size might be best. Just choosing the size that you normally have does not always work as it can vary with different styles and brands.

But don’t worry the team here at Manhood Undies are on hands to help point you in right direction. So what do you need to consider when choosing the right size and fit of underwear? Well the areas that you need to consider are:

  • Waist
  • Bum
  • Legs
  • Bulge / manhood / package (Or whatever else you might want to call it!)
  • Style
  • Fit
  • Material

We know that seems to be an awful lot to consider, but finding the right size and fit of underwear is important. As poorly fitting underwear can be uncomfortable and even painful.

So let’s give you the lowdown on each of those areas.


This is where most people start when considering what size to choose. Which makes sense as pretty much all men’s underwear is based on the waist size. The most basic rule here is there is no point trying to squeeze your 36 inch waist into a 28 inch waist pair of briefs. But because most waists have an elasticated waistband you may consider going up or down a size if it’s going to help the fit somewhere else. For example you may normally be a 30 inch waist, but you find a 30 inch doesn’t give you enough room for your manhood. But the rule here is that they shouldn’t be too tight or falling down.


Making sure you get the fit on the bum right will depend on 3 factors. The first being style of underwear. If you choose a thong or a jock then then it becomes less of an issue as your cheeks are hanging out. Second is the cut of the underwear, if you choose a brief then a low rise cut would tend to cut higher on the bum. Finally the size and shape of your bum. If you have a larger bum that’s a bit flabby you need to watch out for your underwear pinching too much under your cheeks. If you have a very small bum then you might find that your undies are a bit saggy.


This one really comes down to the size of your legs and in particular your thighs. Are you sporting a rugby player pair of legs or do you have legs the size of a sparrow? First of all make sure they are not too tight and cutting into your legs. Briefs that are too tight will cut into your groin, but if they are too lose then you will be falling out the sides. If you struggle to find any underwear that is too tight on your legs you could consider the traditional boxer shorts that are loose around your legs. Most material now has a fair amount of stretch in it, but if you’re struggling with something to fit your legs then look for something with a higher amount of spandex.


So this one gets a bit tricky getting your underwear in fit in this area is down to a couple of things. First of all if you’re wearing loose underwear like traditional boxer shorts then it’s not really going to be an issue as you will just hang free, but then you’re missing the support that more form fitting underwear can provide. The question is do you go for a pouch or not, if you don’t then you might to be squashed flat, which is fine if you struggle find a pouch that fits your package. If you go for the pouch but it’s too small you will get a gap where the material should be flush against your groin. Different styles and brands have different sizes of pouch so that can help you get the right fit. Or you could go for undies with a hole such as the ever popular Sukrew, with their innovative U hole that lets your manhood just hang out.


The style of underwear that you choose will have a big impact on the size that you need to select. For example if you choose boxer shorts then it’s the waist size that’s most important. If you were going for briefs then you need to think about the waist size, but also consider the bum, legs and bulge areas, which may make you think about going up or down a waist size. If you are going for a thong then you don’t need to worry about coverage on your bum, but you will need to think about the waist and the bulge.


The cut of your underwear may also be a factor. If you go for a low rise pair of briefs or trunks it may change what waist size you go for as they will possibly be a bit on the tighter side or have less coverage. So if your bum is a bit on the bigger side you probably want a brief that has a lower cut on the rear to give you more coverage.


Material can also make a difference as some materials may have more give or stretch in them than others. So underwear that has a high degree of cotton without much spandex in would most probably not give as much as something that had a high content of spandex. Also material that is thicker is less likely to stretch.

So there you go, quite a bit to consider. If you are unsure then we are always happy to help at Manhood Undies. Just get in touch and we will be happy to help.