FIT-IN1 Men’s Designer Underwear & Swimwear Brand Profile

Posted by Mark K on Aug 04, 2015

Manhood Undies, one of the UK’s leading online stores selling men’s underwear and swimwear, is excited to be stocking FIT-IN1.


Strong bold colours with a simple but sporty style, a huge choice of colours across briefs and jocks as well a good selection in trunks and swimwear. A range of different materials, but in particular many of the brief and jock styles come in a soft but durable stretch cotton.


FIT-IN1 is still a fairly new player in the designer underwear and swimwear market. It is an US based brand working out of Atlanta, but has strong connections with South America. Continuing the strong pedigree of South American underwear manufacture; all FIT-IN1 garments are produced in Columbia. There is a strong masculine look and feel throughout the brand and its lines, which is often combined with small touches of detail, such as mesh panels or fibre blends that gives its lines some distinction.

But without a doubt they have an incredibly strong offering when it comes to briefs, taking the traditional brief and just playing with the cut slightly across the different lines, with a whole range of colours and materials.


At Manhood Undies we try every single product before we stock it to make sure that we only stock the highest quality underwear and swimwear. This is what our testers said:

“Very high quality manufacture with a unbelievable range of strong and bold colours, and a very comfortable fit that gives you plenty of coverage.”

The brand uses a wide selection of quality materials in the manufacture of its garments such as microfiber blends, but of note is the stretch cotton. Soft but with an incredibly durable quality. All of the products are ergonomically designed ensuring that they meet the anatomical needs of men, in particular the contour pouch is a bit roomier than some brands giving a more comfortable all day fit, and great if you do need a bit more room in the pouch department.

FIT-IN1 underwear is going to make you feel stylish and comfortable, with bold colours and durable materials that will enhance all of your assets you will look good every day of the week.

Do you want to fit in to one? Click here to see to see Manhood Undies range of FIT-IN1 products.

You can also find out more about FIT-IN1, by clicking here to visit their website.