CandyMan Grey Jock Brief - Jockstrap / Brief Hybrid


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Jockstraps come in all sorts of different styles, the CandyMan Grey Jock Brief is a hybrid style of a jock and a brief. The front of this jockstrap is more like a brief with wide full coverage and a very slightly contoured pouch but is pretty flat compared to many jocks. Its low-rise on the waist with a narrow waistband. It features the same black narrow design on the piping on the outer edges of the legs. The leg straps are also in the same narrow design. The bottom part of the rear is completely cut away with those narrow legs straps sitting under your bum cheeks and leaving your bum completely uncovered.

They are made from 72% Polyester / 24% Nylon / 4% Elastane with a ridged design.

If you're looking for a jock that gives more frontal coverage then this jockstrap is a good choice.

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