CandyMan Strapped Up Jockstrap - Sexy Mens Jock


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Are you looking for a naughty and sexy jockstrap? Then have a look at the Candyman Strapped Up Jockstrap for a sexy BDSM tied up look.

The Candyman Strapped Up Jockstrap is nor your usual jockstrap, it has the usual leg straps that you would find on any jockstrap, but the rear also has a central strap a little bit like a thong. It has a really tight sock like pouch and a low-rise waistband, but that about where the normal jockstrap part ends. The right of it is a series of straps that leave your skin bare in-between.

Its made from 93% Polyester / 7% Spandex, buts there not a huge amount of stretch in this because of all the straps.

This jockstrap is not one for the gym, in fact this jock would look more at home in a dungeon than it would a locker room!

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