Xtremen Sport Performance Breathable Boxer Briefs


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Are you looking for athletic men's underwear that is supportive and comfortable. Then take a look at the Xtremen Sport Performance Breathable Boxer Briefs

The Xtremen Sport Performance Breathable Boxer Briefs is a typical boxer brief that is longer on the leg but still maintains a form fit. Its mid to low-rise on the waist with the legs finishing just under mid thigh. It has a comfortable and supportive pouch with a slight contour. It is seamed on the front and rear to give a good fit.

It made from a mix of 80% Nylon / 10% Polyester / 10% Spandex to give a high stretch smooth fit.

This is a great piece of men's underwear for the gym or other athletic activities that gives a good supportive fit.

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