2(X)IST Pima Cotton Trunk - Mens Underwear



When choosing men’s underwear comfort has got to be a main priority for those undies you wear all day, every day. The classic men’s trunk and boxer briefs styles continue to be a popular choice around the world. This men's trunk has been designed for comfort keeping you cool and dry no matter what you are doing. The 2(X)IST Pima Cotton Trunk is a basic trunk design but at its best

The 2(X)IST Pima Cotton Trunk is a typical trunk cut that is shorter on the leg than a traditional boxer brief style cut.  The narrow waistband is low-rise and will sit below the waist of your jeans and trousers. The pouch on this trunk is the original 2(XIST) contour pouch, which is the snuggest fitting of the 2(X)IST pouch range. 

They are made from soft 100% pure Pima Cotton for a natural feel against your skin. 

This is a fantastic everyday piece of men's underwear. Wear it under any type of clothing while doing pretty much anything and it's going to feel comfortable.

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