2(X)IST Essential Cotton Fly Front Brief 3 Pack - Traditional Full Basic Brief with Fly Opening


When choosing men’s underwear comfort and functionality have got to be a main priorities for those undies you wear all day, every day. The classic men’s brief continues to be a popular choice around the world as it has been for years. This men's brief is a very full cut traditional made with soft Cotton and a functional fly opening. The 2(X)IST Essential Cotton Fly Front Brief is the traditional man who wants a functional brief.

The 2(X)IST Essential Cotton Fly Front Brief is a traditional classic men's brief that gives completely full coverage but has a mid-rise on the waist. The fit is the widest and fullest of all the 2(X)IST briefs. The pouch on this brief has very little contour to it so it offers less support than other style, but it is seamed on either side to keep everything in place and it has a curved vertical fly opening so you can easily whip your manhood out. The rear has a double ply panel in the middle of the very full rear cut.

They are made from 100% Cotton for a completely natural and breathable material that just feels great against the skin.

If you looking for a retro style traditional brief then this is the one for you. The cut is very full and the pouch will let you be fairly free in your movement and much less constrained than most briefs.

This brief 3 pack includes 3 2(X)IST Essential Cotton Fly Front Briefs in all Black, all White, or in a combination of 3 different colours. Buy this great value men's brief 3 pack and you are almost already half way through the week.

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