PPU X- Rated Jockstrap - Enhancing See-thru C-ring Jock


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How would you like a super sexy x-rated jockstrap that was made with see-through mesh, made your manhood bigger with a c-ring style strap? Surely it docent exist?! Well it does so have a look at the PPU X-rated Jockstrap, possibly the sexiest jockstrap you will ever own!

The PPU X-rated Jockstrap is in many ways a traditional jockstrap its mid to low-rise on the waist with a wide elasticated waistband. It features two leg straps on the rear that sit under your bum cheeks leaving the rear completely uncovered like a jock should. But here is where it gets x-rated! At the from two straps cross over to create an elasticated c-ring that will enhance the size of your package. The straps goes around the base of your balls and manhood and places it in a see-through mesh pouch that has been anatomically design with enough room but also to create a bulge for all to see!

It's made from a mix of 94% Nylon / 6% Spandex with the pouch made from a super fine see-through mesh.

This is seriously sexy see-though mesh men's underwear that also enhances. More for showing off than getting athletic this jockstrap actually gives really good support. So if you want to wear to the gym then go ahead. Just expect to turn some heads!

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