PPU Strap Bikini - Mens Brief


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Are you looking for super low cut mens briefs? Then take a look at these sexy men's briefs! The PPU Strap Bikini is a sexy bikini cut men's brief with a sext second waist band.

The PPU Strap Bikini is a men's bikini cut brief that is a little fuller than some men's bikinis and the main body of the bikini sits super low-rise on the waist, but a second waistband sits a little higher up on the waist and creates a gap between the two elasticated bands. It has a seamed contour pouch for definition of your manhood. For a bikini cut the rear is offers decent coverage of your bum cheeks, but cuts up higher than a traditional brief cut.

It's made from a durable material mix of 93% Nylon / 7% Spandex.

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