PPU Jock Thong - Bum Enhancing Mens Thong


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Have you ever thought about wearing a jock and a thong at the same time? Well how about the PPU Jock Thong the jock strap will lift your bum cheeks to make your bum look even better in that thong!

The PPU Jock Thong is not a pice of men's underwear you see very often. This Jock Thong is low-rise on the waist with the usual waistband with a fairly traditional cup style pouch at the front with two straps that attach to the sides of the pouch and run around to form the jock strap leg straps that on your bum cheeks. This creates two sex cut out sections at the front

It's made from 82.5% Polyester / 17.5% Spandex  that has a chevron texture design.

The  best way to describe this unique men's underwear is as a bum enhancing thong!